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Florida divorce attorney Russell Knight ( releases a new article that discusses how text messages are used in court during a divorce process. The lawyer mentions that during a divorce, both spouses usually ask questions about the future. These questions include what will happen to the children, and what will happen to the properties. Another question that immediately pops inside the head of the spouse is will the other spouse have access to their text messages.

According to the Florida divorce attorney, “At the time of this writing, 2019, everyone communicates via text message. Text messages are electronic messages transmitted over SMS (short message service) or Internet connection. Text messages are almost always transmitted via smartphone.”

The lawyer explains that text messages are like any other form of communication. They are usually just a series of zeros and ones that are recorded somewhere so that it’s stored inside the phone even after the owner shuts the phone down.

Attorney Knight also explains that text messages are usually a common piece of evidence in divorce and parenting cases. Text messages are usually entered into the proceeding as proof that something was said by one spouse to the other. The court may be able to examine the conversation between the parties.

In the article, the lawyer also explains that a copy of the text messages may be obtained from the service provider after a subpoena has been served. After the subpoena is served, the service provider will be able to provide months worth of copies of the conversation.

Furthermore, attorney Knight mentions that the lawyer may be able to ask the court to order the husband or wife to disclose text messages through formal discovery. Formal discovery happens when a party is required to disclose anything asked by the other party. This includes text messages.

Lastly, the Florida divorce lawyer emphasizes it is very important to seek the help of an experienced lawyer when it comes to family law matters. Having a skilled attorney may be able to help the client understand what their rights and responsibilities in the separation or divorce process are.

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